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Talk of Prof. MiSun Min

MiSun Min

Argonne National Laboratory


Key kernels of high-order discretizations and communications towards exascale applications


This talk will discuss optimal implementations of key kernels for high-order discretizations that will deliver high accuracy at low cost and facilitate efficient numerical simulations for a broad range of applications on future high-performance computing platforms. Test problems will include spectral element discretizations of the positive definite Helmholtz equation and their fast tensor-product evaluations of the inner products using the Gauss-Lobatto-Legendre bases and Gauss-Lobatto quadrature. General communication kernels for the gather-scatter operations between neighboring elements will be also discussed, and their performance analysis and scalability on recent multi-core and accelerator architectures will be demonstrated.


10:00-11:00, March 27th, 2018

Conference Room

Room 610 at School of Mathematical Sciences

Welcome the teachers and students to attend!