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Talk of Prof. Tiegang Liu

Tiegang Liu

School of Mathematics and Systems Science,

Beihang University


Recent Development on Modified Ghost Fluid Method


It is still extremely challenging in modeling and simulating moving material interfaces with large density ratios and strong wave interaction. The Modified Ghost Fluid Method (MGFM) has provided us a robust way of handling such challenges and overcomes the difficulties encountered by the original ghost fluid method proposed by Fedkiw et al. The MGFM has successfully applied to treat moving gas-gas, gas-liquid and fluid-structure inferfaces in compressible fluid/media.

In this talk, I shall introduce the latest development and applications of the MGFM, including fast explicit Riemann problem sover to predict interface states, exact Riemann problem solver for treating elastic-plastic material, the coupling between compressible fluid and incompressible fluid.


15:30-16:30, May 19th, 2017

Conference Room

Room 610 at School of Mathematical Sciences

Welcome the teachers and students to attend!