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Talk of Yibing Chen

Yibing Chen

Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics


HFVS: An Arbitrary High Order Approach Based On Flux Vector Splitting


In this talk, recent developments of HFVS, a new scheme of arbitrary high order accuracy in both space and time for hyperbolic conservative laws, will be introduced. The basic idea in the construction is that, based on the idea of the flux vector splitting (FVS), we split all the spatial and time derivatives in the Taylor expansion of the numerical flux into two parts: one part with positive eigenvalues, another with negative eigenvalues. According to a Lax-Wendroff procedure, all the time derivatives are then replaced by spatial derivatives, which are evaluated by using WENO/HWENO reconstruction polynomials. One of the most significant advantages of the current scheme is very easy to implement. Numerous numerical tests for linear and nonlinear hyperbolic conservative laws are carried out, and the numerical results demonstrate that the proposed scheme is robust and can be of high order accuracy in both space and time.


15:30-16:30, May 11th, 2018

Conference Room

Room 606 at School of Mathematical Sciences

Welcome the teachers and students to attend!