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Peng Li



Email: weilailp@163.com

Address: Department of Mathematics and Physics, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, Shijiazhuang, China.


  1. Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China
    Ph.D., State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology, July 2017
    Supervisor: Cheng Wang
  2. Ocean University of China (OUC), Qingdao, Shandong
    M.S., School of Mathematical Sciences, July 2012
    Supervisor: Shusen Xie
  3. Hebei University, Baoding, Hebei
    B.Sc., School of Mathematics and Computers, July 2009


  1. Visiting researcher, 2013.07.01-2013.08.31, 2014.07.01-2014.08.31, 2015.07.01-2015.08.31
    School of Mathematical Science, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China
  2. Research assistant, 2011.07.01-2011.08.31, 2012.02.02-2012.03.01
    Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China.


  1. High order numerical schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws (WENO, DG)
  2. High order numerical schemes for detonation wave simulations
  3. Numerical implementation of compact finite difference methods


  1. Peng Li, Wai Sun Don, Zhen Gao, High Order Well-Balanced Finite Di erence WENO Interpolation-Based Schemes for Shallow Water Equations, Computers and Fluids, under review.
  2. Peng Li, Zhen Gao, Xi-Qiang Zhao, Bao-Shan Wang, High Order Hybrid Weighted Compact Nonlinear Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2019, accepted.
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