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Surface PDEs and kernel collocations
Strucure-Preserving Numerical Algorithms for Chemo-Taxis Models
Unique Continuation Principle for Time-fractional Diffusion Equations
Conservative Explicit Local Time-stepping Schemes for the Shallow Water Equatinos
A new type of multi-resolution WENO schemes with increasingly higher order of accuracy for hyperbolic conservation laws
A wavelet based learning multiscale approach for estimation of the effective thermal conductivities of composites
Polynomial approximation of singular functions in some new fractional Sobolev spaces
Differentiation approximation methods for FBSDEs with applications
Sharp spatial H1-norm analysis of a finite element method for a time-fractional diffusion equation
Numerical approximations and analysis of phase-field equations
Adaptive multi-fidelity surrogate modeling for Bayesian inference in inverse problem
A continuous time random walk framework
Efficient numerical scheme for a dendritic solidification phase field model with melt convection